The Arts and Culture Alliance of Chatham County’s vision is to provide a diverse, vibrant, prosperous, and sustainable arts and culture industry in Chatham County.
Meet Chester Ellis, Chatham County Commission Chairman Candidate

Meet Chester Ellis, Chatham County Commission Chairman Candidate

Following up to the Sunday, November 1 Savannah Morning News’ ‘Community pastor’ Chester Ellis shares the story behind his bid for Chatham Commission chair, Chester was asked to respond to his vision of how arts and culture should be positioned in Chatham County.  In response, he shared:

I fully support the Chatham county arts community. As an Educator and lifelong learner, I believe access to arts & culture enhances our citizens entire quality of life. We have to continue & advance support of cultural programs and nonprofit arts organizations. 

Our arts community plays a vital role in the economic and social health of our citizens. My goal is to insure all citizens have access to the arts. I want to work together with the local arts community to move forward the development of artists, creative organizations, arts institutions, and cultural programming for residents in Chatham County.

We need to strengthen our cultural and local artist communications through diverse quarterly round tables that allow the direct producers and curators of local products a direct voice and seat at the table of decision making. On an educational level I want to begin the training and introduction into the creative workforce earlier for our younger citizens as well as help provide jobs and hard skills for talented citizens who live within our high poverty population. When we provide our creative community the support and access to thrive our entire community makes strides to achieving a brighter future.

As the current Vice Chairman of the Chatham County Commission I know first hand our community Blueprint. I have worked with and been an advocate for creatives across the county.  Now, it is time to move our County to the next level! I understand the endless potential of communities when empowered with opportunities to thrive. As Chairman together we will build a monumental bridge into our future. For more information on my background, track record, and platform please visit Chester4Chatham.Com and on all social platforms at @Chester4Chatham”