The Arts and Culture Alliance of Chatham County’s vision is to provide a diverse, vibrant, prosperous, and sustainable arts and culture industry in Chatham County.
2025 ACE Investment Program Open

2025 ACE Investment Program Open

Funding applications are open to submission. The application will close at 5 PM on Sunday, July 28th. Late submissions are not accepted.

Click HERE to view detailed information about ACE Funding. Start early to apply up to $100K in program investment.

About ACE

The Arts and Culture Enrichment Program (ACE) is intended to integrate arts, culture, heritage, design, and other creative disciplines as strategies that strengthen the City of Savannah’s economic, physical, and social vitality. Arts and Culture are important contributors to the vibrancy of Savannah’s neighborhoods, and the City of Savannah supports opportunities for art and culture to enhance and enrich the quality of life for Savannah residents and guests.